Sorrento Film & Food Festival

The first edition of the Sorrento Film & Food Festival kicks off with an event combining movies, food and wine at one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the world: the Sorrento peninsula. The aim is to spread the history and traditions of our country where its taste for cuisine and conviviality is also conveyed in movies that have been winning the hearts of international audiences with their rich stories and landscapes. The festival features works of the most acknowledged film masters alongside productions created by young and up and coming authors. The movies - which will be screened free of charge - offer a wonderful opportunity to enjoy new and well established talents and become enthralled by their interesting and captivating stories.



The Sorrento Film & Food Festival will combine two different yet often connected worlds: cinema and the food and wine industry, thus generating a fruitful promotion of Sorrento and the entire peninsula where high-profile artistic and social events are planned throughout the year. Pioneering digital technology will contribute spreading the cultural and culinary opportunities offered by Sorrento and its stunning peninsula. The festival brings buzz and enthusiasm during the winter, in a time of the year which is typically less busy. The multiple events will include a particular focus on Campania’s regional cuisine, supervised by Don Alfonso Iaccarino, one of the most celebrated chefs on the planet, and they will be marked by testimonials from the world of media and show business.

The program 2023

The program of the Sorrento Film & Food Festival 2023 will unfold as follows:
• Inaugural Gala and Excellence Tribute:
Sunday January 1: Opening of the event with an homage to Master Terry Gilliam, along with famed personalities, after the screening of a premiere and a performance by Israeli singer and philanthropist NOA (with maestro Gil Dor.)
• Film screenings: From January 1 - 6, film premieres as well as presentations of acclaimed recently released movies nominated for the most prestigious international awards.
• Food Documenaries & Shorts: From January 3 - 6, a section of works of different lengths will be presented, aiming at conveying the passion for the food and wine traditions of the territory. On January 6, the competition’s winners will be announced during the Closing Ceremony.
• Master classes: Acting and cooking lessons will be arranged with the participation of big Italian and International luminaries • “Film & Food Symposium”: Conferences, debates and meetings with cinema talents and chefs will be arranged, to pursue the concepts of art associated with food culture especially focusing on the Mediterranean Diet.
• Food and Wine tourist itineraries: The history and evolution of the peninsula’s natural heritage will be explained in relation to its food and wine traditions.

All the activites will be hosted in movie theaters, cultural sites, luxurious hotel restaurants, including Cinema Tasso, Hotel Tramontano and all the other venues joining the initiative.

Schedules will be updated daily on social media pages dedicated to the event.

The Event

The Sorrento Film & Food Festival 2023 will offer the free screening of the works included in the Official Program. Audiences will be welcomed in movie theaters or they will be able to connect online through the digital platforms where the selected movies will be screened on The various activities can also be live-streamed. The free-of-charge access to screenings, conferences and debates, a rich cultural offering, a forward communication campaign through media and social networks with the participation of beloved popular artists will together launch an event that aims to become a yearly anticipated appointment. Sorrento will benefit from the visit of celebrities and popular personalities from around the world, which will increase its tourist attraction power, as well as create opportunities for industry professionals to meet, and create film co-productions and co-distributions. Free access to screening will help spread culture among young people, encouraging educational initiatives also among the underprivileged. Further opportunities to explore the region will be created through visits to historical local sites and remote villages off the beaten path, like the village of Marina Grande.